Construction depot service

Our personal, tailor-made construction account service

At Jones & Jansen we love beautiful kitchen items and we wish everyone a dream kitchen.

Many of our customers are renovating and want to apply for a construction account or have applied for a construction account. A construction deposit is a loan that remains with the bank after home financing has been provided. This deposit can be used to pay invoices relating to agreed construction activities. A good example of this is a construction fund for your new kitchen.

Why our construction deposit service?

A renovation or construction plans is not just something. You have to think about a lot of things and you want to pay attention to your budget. Because all of our Steel stoves are personally made by hand and therefore have a delivery time of up to 6 weeks, it is smart to order a stove in advance and have it delivered later. This way you avoid having to wait a long time for your product or missing out on certain offers and discount promotions.

That is why Jones & Jansen has a construction deposit service , so that you do not have to advance your stove or tap with your own money , but can pay for this from your construction deposit. This service has been used by our customers for years to their complete satisfaction and can also be super useful for you! Be sure to check the conditions of your mortgage provider in advance, as these are not the same for every provider.

How does the application for our construction deposit service proceed?

    1. Determine which Jones & Jansen kitchen appliances you would like in your new kitchen and calculate the total amount.
    2. Contact us on 076 20 45 004 or stating "Construction Depot Service request".
    3. We ask for a 10% deposit for your construction deposit invoice and you pay this via our windshield site. Of course you will receive proof of payment for this. We will then create a proforma invoice for your order for you, so that you can submit or declare it to your bank or mortgage provider.
    4. You can now order online from us and the 10% deposit will be deducted using a personal discount code. So it will never cost you more with our Bouwdepot Service!

You will receive both invoices by email, so that you can use them for the declaration to your mortgage provider. This is how we help each other.

The construction deposit service is possible on all Jones & Jansen items above € 1000, such as our stoves, extractor hoods, kitchen modules and refrigerators.

Do you have questions? You can always call us on 076 20 45 004 or email us at .


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