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Falmec extractor hood

What is Falmec?

From Falmec extractor hood to integrated cooking systems, Falmec is a choice that is in perfect harmony with human demands and design needs to improve your kitchen.

The company has developed a stylistic identity through years of balancing elegance and attention to details and ergonomics, without giving up functionality. Thanks to extensive research and collaboration with leading designers, Falmec gives life to a variety of kitchen products.

The quality of Falmec is something that is noticeable and can be seen and felt in every detail. Starting with stainless steel AISI 304: hygienic, rust-free and easy to maintain. This steel is undoubtedly the best material chosen by Falmec for its extractor hoods. This attention is not limited to choosing the best raw materials, but concerns the conception of the product in general, which is designed and tested to last a long time and to deliver the best performance and feel good every day.

All this places Falmec at the absolute top in the world of extractor hoods.

Which Falmec extractor hoods are there?

Falmec Spazio

The Falmec Spazio extractor hood with multifunctional supporting structure is ideal for above a cooking island or stove. The frosted glass shelves provide space for crockery and other cooking utensils and the Spazio offers space for a small vegetable garden, specially designed by Falmec, for the cultivation of aromatic herbs for cooking. Finally, the Spazio is equipped with various USB ports and sockets.

Falmec's new Circle.Tech technology is a revolutionary recirculation system. Unlike traditional extractor hoods, a Circle.Tech extractor hood draws in the cooking air horizontally instead of vertically. The exhausted air is guided through a filter installation around the engine and distributed evenly, which ensures excellent extraction functionality

Falmec Light

The Falmec Light extractor hood is an ultra compact recirculation extractor hood with integrated LED strips, available in 2 different sizes. Falmec was inspired by the "less is more" concept for the Light and has given the Light a minimalist, geometric shape.

Falmec's new ultra-compact Multi-Air technology ensures a very thin housing of only 10 cm high. The housing of the Light is enclosed by a satin black profile with built-in LED strips over the entire length. The top is covered by smoke-colored safety glass. Together this creates a sleek whole, the ideal match for a designer kitchen.

How can I buy a Falmec extractor hood?

Are you also madly in love with our Falmec extractor hoods and would you like to buy a Falmec extractor hood? Then you have come to the right place at Jones & Jansen. Jones & Jansen is the official Dutch dealer of the Falmec brand.

We handle all possible warranty claims, provide personal service and offer free delivery from 50 euros. You can also pay for your order securely via iDeal, credit card and various other payment options.

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Questions about a Falmec extractor hood? Jones & Jansen is ready to help you

Jones & Jansen is an official Dutch dealer of the Falmec brand. Do you have questions about a Falmec extractor hood or the rest of our collection? Then call us on 076 20 45 004 , email us at info@jones-jansen.nl or contact us in another way. Jones & Jansen is ready for you!


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