Steel ovens have various functions and various advantages.

  • TFT color screen

    The new TFT color screen provides a clear picture of what is happening in the oven. The TFT color screen is on every separate oven and on many stoves with an oven.

  • Rice stand

    The Genesi & Ascot ovens enjoy a Rice mode. This is a special function that brings the oven to 28°C, the perfect temperature for rising yeast in wheat, spelled dough or sourdough.

  • Self-cleaning

    The Genesi & Ascot ovens have a cleaning function. This is done with the most environmentally friendly way: steam.

  • Environmentally friendly

    The ovens from the Genesi & Ascot series can cook continuously for 24 hours without lighting with minimal consumption.

  • Combi steam

    Several ovens are combi-steam. This applies to both the Ascot and Genesi series. These ovens have an enameled interior with a micro-drawn stainless steel bottom.

  • Patented INNVENT system

    This system has double reverse rotation of both fans. This ensures an even distribution of heat throughout the oven (not with the Oxford series).


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