Falmec Light.

The thinnest recirculation island extractor hood in the world. Italian design with an extraction power of up to 500³M per hour. Available in 180cm and 120cm

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Novy Light lighting with hand gestures.

Control your kitchen lighting with the wave of your hand. Sounds like magic? With the Novy Light it is reality. Choose the Shelf, Wall or Pendant.

With both work and mood light with RGB colors from above, this lamp is perhaps the most beautiful kitchen lighting in the world.

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Steal Cucine at Jones & Jansen


Steel Cucine refrigerators are all handmade in Italy from stainless steel. A Steel refrigerator is a beauty to look at, both from the outside and from the inside. In addition, the refrigerators are very multifunctional.

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You can take cooking to the next level with Steel stoves. The stoves are available with options such as induction or different gas versions. In addition, the stoves are available with 1, 2, or 3 ovens.

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Built-in ovens

Complete the kitchen with a built-in oven from Steel. The ovens have more than 9 different functions. The ovens are available in many different colors and match perfectly with the other products from the Steel collections.

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The new Genesi GQ series

Tough, sturdy, robust and very smart. These are the features of the new Genesi GQ series. You operate the TFT screen with the rotary push button. There you will find 37 programs. including a bread rising program and a cleaning function.

The Genesi GQ is available as an induction or gas stove.

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Steel, quality for 100 years.

The story of Steel is a family story, which starts in 1922 when Angelo Po, as a steelworker, built the first wood stoves and later made a name for himself with the production of advanced models intended for the catering industry.

In 1999, the Po siblings decided to follow in their grandfather's footsteps and set up a new company. They want to apply the technology and knowledge gained in the production of professional equipment to the household segment.

Today, Steel not only produces an extensive range of exclusive kitchen appliances with professional performance, but Steel designs and creates solutions. This year
of 100 years of expertise, passion and product development in the industry, passed on from father to son through four generations.


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